Whether it’s your ability to pay your bills, your freedom, or the future of your business, too much is riding on the outcome of your case to leave it all to chance. Strategic Insights Legal will work with your legal team to remove some of the uncertainty and give you the best chance at returning to life as you once knew it.

At Strategic Insights Legal, we provide a range of services to litigants and their attorneys to assist with legal strategy and tactics. We will work with you and your legal team to select the right services for your needs.

Focus groups give you the opportunity to understand your case through the eyes of potential jurors

Surveys are used to identify characteristics of the ideal juror for your case or provide empirical evidence for a change of venue motion

Mock juries help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your case–before the real jury hears it

Jury selection is where the research comes to life. We assist in the voir dire process to identify jurors unlikely to be impartial

Jury monitoring during trial means we focus on the jurors, so you can focus on making your case

Venue analysis helps you understand the court in which your case has been filed

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